Scottsdale, Arizona —— We’re happy to bring more of on-air host Sande Charles‘ work at Scottsdale Stadium with the San Francisco Giants‘ affiliate in the Arizona Rookie League, and today, she’s talking to 2017 first round MLB Draft selection Heliot Ramos.

Ramos, a 17-year-old outfielder from Puerto Rico, discusses what it was like to be drafted by the San Francisco Giants and how it is now considering he has an older brother in the Los Angeles Dodgers‘ organization. He also talks about the aggressiveness in his game—especially on the base paths—and the influences he had growing up in Puerto Rico.

Watch his full interview with Sande Charles right here:

Of course, this is Sande Charles’ second video out with the San Francisco Giants’ rookie club this week; click here to watch her interview with 2017 second round draft pick Jacob Gonzalez.

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For those of you unable to watch the Heliot Ramos video for whatever reason, we’re also happy to provide a full transcript — you can read the interview in its entirety starting here:

Sande Charles: Sande Charles with Baseball Census, and I’m joined by the newest San Francisco Giants member, first round draft pick Heliot Ramos. It is said ‘Elliott,’ yes? Let’s just correct everyone out there, it is ‘Elliott,’ yes?

Heliot Ramos: Yeah, it’s ‘Elliott.’

Sande: You are 17 years old, just drafted straight out of high school, what was your draft day like?

Heliot: It was awesome. It was the best time in my life, you know? Any 17-year-old guy wants that day. I was waiting for that day my whole life.

Sande: You’re waiting for that moment, and who was the first person you called after you got drafted?

Heliot: My mom was there, but I called my brothers. My two brothers, yeah.

Sande: Now speaking of those brothers, was one of them the one in the Dodgers’ organization, and now you have a little friendly rivalry?

Heliot: Yeah, that’s Henry.

Sande: And you have two brothers. One [Hector] plays on the [Puerto Rican] national soccer team, correct?

Heliot: Yes.

Sande: And the other one plays in the Dodgers’ organization. So the one that plays in the Dodgers’ organization, do you have a little friendly rivalry now that you’re with the Giants.

Heliot: A little bit, yeah. He told me that when I go up, he’s going to beat me in a game.

Sande: Because you’re going to play each other, of course. Now growing up in Puerto Rico, when you think Puerto Rico and baseball, I think most people think Roberto Clemente. Did he have a big impact on you and your game?

Heliot: Yeah. I never saw him, but looking through his videos, I liked the style of his game. I liked to watch him.

Sande: The AstrosCarlos Correa is also from Puerto Rico, and he seems to be on that same path, almost like he could become a modern day Roberto Clemente. Do you have a relationship with Carlos Correa?

Heliot: No, never.

Sande: Is that something you want, to maybe hopefully get there?

Heliot: I wish, yeah. I want to go up, you know? I want to be in the Major Leagues. And if I make the Major Leagues, I think so, I think we could have a relationship, yeah.

Sande: You’ve said your favorite player is Andrew McCutchen. Why is he your favorite?

Heliot: I think he plays aggressive, he’s got a good arm, he can run. He hustles. All day, all day, the whole game, he’s hustling, no matter what.

Sande: Does your game compare?

Heliot: Yeah, I mean [being] aggressive, hustling. I like to make trouble in the game. When I run on the bases, I like making trouble. Stolen bases, whatever, you know?

Sande: You recently went to San Francisco and AT&T Park, and you talked to the media and the press, and you mentioned Willie Mays and Barry Bonds. You talked about the Giants’ legends. Who taught you about the San Francisco Giants’ history?

Heliot: Just looking at the Internet, you know? But my dad and my coaches, they told me about Barry Bonds and the Giants. And about ‘Peruchin’ [Orlando] Cepeda, they told me about him.

Sande: Now guys dream of playing on big league fields. You’ve already gotten to play at Wrigley Field and Petco Park during showcase events as a 17 year old high schooler. What was it like playing on big league parks?

Heliot: It’s awesome, but it’s better when it’s full, the park. It’s better. But when you are in the field, you feel like a giant. You feel big.

Sande: You were the star of the Under Armour Game. Your hitting, you went 3-for-3 during that game. What is it that you like about hitting so much?

Heliot: I love the sound of that bat. When the bat makes that sound, I like that.

Sande: Now, 17 like I said, from Puerto Rico, you just signed the contract with the Giants, when you look at your baseball career, what do you want to accomplish?

Heliot: I want to be a Hall of Famer. That’s it.

Sande: That’s a good goal.

Heliot: Yeah.

Sande: Thank you so much, Heliot. Best of luck. For Heliot Ramos, I’m Sande Charles with Baseball Census.

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