A native of Santiago, Dominican Republic who has been with the Texas Rangers for four years now, right-handed pitching prospect Greidy Martinez is at an interesting crossroads in his career after the 2017 season: already 23 years old (DOB: April 2, 1994), Martinez got a late start, and he’s far behind his age-appropriate peers since he only just reached the Arizona League in 2017. And yet when age and league context are removed, the righty has an interesting middle relief profile with three workable pitches that could point towards success at far higher levels… if only he can prove himself and move quickly over the next couple years.

With the AZL Rangers this year, Greidy Martinez appeared in 13 games in relief, and finished 2-1 with four saves and a 1.59 ERA over 17.0 innings, where he allowed 18 hits (9.5 H/9) and four walks (2.1 BB/9) against 23 strikeouts (12.2 K/9). Maybe that’s expected, considering he was more than two years older than the average AZL prospect this summer, but Martinez does show remarkably good feel for an interesting arsenal and shouldn’t be discounted on age alone. Below is our full Greidy Martinez scouting report, including game video of the Texas Rangers prospect in action, tool grades, pitch notes, and some discussion on his ultimate projection from this unique point.

Greidy Martinez Scouting Report, Texas Rangers — 2017

Dates observed in 2017: August 8; August 12

Fastball (55)
Surprisingly good downward plane out of 6’0″ frame. Straight pitch, but heavy, with some arm-side bore; plane helps it play up. Will challenge hitters with it and dial up in top of velocity band with ease. Can overthrow it at times too, though; when left up in the zone, flattens out considerably. Not enough velocity to blow away better hitters at present, so command matters. Loves to attack hitters, and will fill up the zone even without his best stuff. Thin, lean build with plenty of room to grow and likely some time left to add juice to his fastball; will be a very impressive pitch if he can bump it to 93-95 working velocity. Velocity: 88-92, T 93.

Splitter (50)
Remarkable feel for splitter relative to experience and level; far and away the best splitter I saw across all short-season leagues in 2017. 12-to-6 tumble late at the plate, sold by arm action identical to his fastball. Legitimate wipeout pitch to miss bats, especially RHH. Has shown consistent ability to execute the pitch without having it knuckle like so many young pitchers who are learning a splitter. More of a go-to pitch when ahead in the count, but enough control to use it like a changeup at times to disrupt RHH looking dead red early in counts. Velocity: 82-84, T 85.

Slider (45)
Variable 11-to-5 and 10-to-4 break depending on mechanics and release point; both are fairly sharp with some hump, but need consistency. Sweeping movement more so than sharp, late break. Will miss bats, specifically RHH, but struggles to consistently control the pitch. Tendency to get around the ball and cast it; trying to do too much. Will flatten out and break horizontally at points, and he’ll spike others trying to overcompensate and adjust. At its best, solid off-speed offering that tunnels well off the fastball and has some value in two-strike counts; critical to find consistency in execution, though. Velocity: 79-81, T 82.

Control/Command (50/45)
Clearly wants to challenge hitters; believes in his stuff and isn’t afraid to go at hitters with all three pitches. Good understanding of need to throw strikes immediately when entering from bullpen; doesn’t get too fine with arsenal. Struggles at times with overthrowing, especially with off-speed stuff ahead in counts; too many non-competitive pitches at points; pretty typical stuff for this level. Control and command will both improve with development, and he’s already shown a track record of filling up the zone.

Works off the third base side of the rubber, but overcompensates and lands open to the plate, flying wide open at times, though with remarkably consistent release point. High-three quarters/nearly overhand release with exceptional downward plane, especially considering smaller stature. Max effort guy ideal for short-stint bullpen work. Long arm swing in the back, but quick, whip-like arm action with good arm speed through release; consistent arm speed on off-speed pitches. Slow to the plate (1.49 – 1.57) with runners on and struggles to control running game aside from occasional long sets. Will need to improve consistency in mechanics from stretch (and add slide step) to work better with traffic.

Extremely popular with teammates and Rangers officials in AZL. Good attitude, laid back, but shows sense of urgency on the mound. Biggest question remains age/level problem: arsenal has a chance to take him places, but four pro seasons without reaching full-season ball is… less than ideal. Must prove he can adjust quickly and dictate at-bats with age-appropriate hitters if he’s ever to have a shot in a few years.

Greidy Martinez Scouting Report — Texas Rangers — 2017 Game Video

Greidy Martinez Scouting Report — Notes & Analysis

Greidy Martinez wasn’t on my radar when I arrived at the Arizona League this summer, so he was a nice surprise the couple times I saw him pitch in August for the rookie affiliate of the Texas Rangers. The second surprise came, then, when I looked him up afterwards and saw he was 23 years old pitching in the AZL. That’s… less than ideal. Unfortunately, that’ll limit Martinez’s ultimate projection even though his arsenal and relief profile are both surprisingly solid. He’s got ample room to grow into his body with some natural arm strength and two interesting off-speed pitches at this point, and that combo should push him into a standard middle relief/low set-up role were he with age-appropriate competition. That he’s played four seasons of pro ball and has yet to reach a full-season level, though, remains the issue.

Pretty clearly popular with teammates and Texas Rangers staffers even in my limited looks in the AZL, Greidy Martinez seems like an easy guy to root for considering the long odds and his unique circumstance. To be fair, he still has a chance to move quickly considering relievers don’t need as much development at each level, so it’s not out of the question that he could work through Low-A and High-A in 2018, though that’s still a tall task. Either way, his splitter/slider look is advanced enough that I took serious notice this summer, and further development of it over the next few years could make Martinez into an interesting arm. Who knows — perhaps this is another case like that of Eric Filia.

greidy martinez scouting report texas rangers baseball 2

Greidy Martinez Scouting Report — Future Projection

Time is not on Martinez’s side. The righty must move quickly into full-season ball if he’s to have any hope of making a legitimate big league impact a few years from now, and considering his slow pace the last four years, that’s probably not likely. It’ll be a victory if he’s farmed out to Low-A Hickory to begin 2018, and if he can pitch well there and spend the second half at High-A Down East, he’d be far more on track considering his age (he’ll be 24 at the start of April). As I said above, that’s a tall task, but it is doable in a relief role and perhaps somewhat likely considering Martinez’s relatively advanced arsenal.

Long term, it’s far more likely Greidy Martinez becomes an organizational depth piece for the Texas Rangers — and later, a six-year minor league free agent  — but I did put a 40 FV on him if only to represent a ceiling should it all come together. I really like his stuff, and his whole look coming out of the bullpen, and even though it’s unlikely, there’s some natural ability here that I’m not ready to completely discount yet. Against all odds, if Greidy Martinez gets it together and the Texas Rangers move him quickly, it’ll be one hell of a story. If not… it’s organizational depth.

Overall Future Potential (Future Value): Middle relief (6th/7th inning) ceiling thanks to intriguing arsenal; age and lack of development may well keep him as organizational depth (40)

MLB ETA: 2021

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