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Albee Weiss Scouting Report

Catcher/Designated Hitter
Cal State Northridge

Tool (PV/FV)
Notes & Comments
Hit (30/35)
Extremely aggressive hitter with a lot of holes in his swing; loves to hack, but will chase poor pitches to do it. Poor pitch recognition; very vulnerable in particular to breaking balls low and away. Tall hitter with very good bat speed who likes to stay tall through swing; high ball hitter. Pull orientation in his approach; struggles mightily when pitched away or asked to go the other way; sweet spot is pull power on a pitch up and in that he can catch up to and elevate. Cold zones down, and away. Will consistently struggle to hit for average in pro ball barring significant change in approach.

Power (50/60)
Plus raw power with ability to show it off in BP; encouraging ability to access power in game situations, too, with power alley to left/left-center field. Easy power; exceptional bat speed with a relatively short stroke that’s geared to putting the ball in the air. Tall hitter with upper cut and a high finish on the back side. Explicitly looking to hit the ball in the air every time he comes to the plate; guy who can do real damage to a baseball when it’s left up and out over the plate. Big, physical kid (listed 6’1″, 225 lbs.) with strong forearms and quick, strong hands.

Glove (Inc/Inc)
Incomplete grade; went DH-only in the opening weekend against BYU and I didn’t see him play in the field for Cal State Northridge during my looks early. Will return to provide a full picture of Albee Weiss later in the spring.

Arm (Inc/Inc)
Incomplete grade; went DH-only in the opening weekend against BYU and I didn’t see him play in the field for Cal State Northridge during my looks early. Will return to provide a full picture of Albee Weiss later in the spring.

Speed (20/25)
Timed him 4.56, 459, and 4.61 to first base. Below-average runner with very poor foot speed and little likelihood he gets much faster; of course, that’s not his game. Not much else to see here.

Seems to be a cheerful, upbeat guy; interacts well with coaches, scouts, baseball ops people in my observations; has fun playing the game and relishes the big opportunities to drive in runs as a middle-of-the-order threat. More or less near final physical form with little room to grow into his body, but plenty of natural strength here that’ll play well in professional baseball; rest of his game likely needs to catch up to his power bat, but that tool can carry him into pro ball and find him a role in an organization.

MLB Draft
Likely 2018 MLB Draft follow as a senior-sign after his season is done with Cal State Northridge; long-term track record of hitting home runs his entire college career, and the power profile here is attractive enough for an organization to take a shot with an MLB Draft selection come June. Entering pro ball older than most as a senior sign, and must move quickly, but power profile is for real and it’s easy to envision Albee Weiss jumping to High-A a year from now.

OFP (40 FV)
Admittedly a 40 FV grade is incomplete considering I need to further see his glove and arm and get a better feel for what the Cal State Northridge senior can do defensively, but I thought it worthy to post an Albee Weiss scouting report right now if only to accentuate his carrying tool: the power. He’s going to fall into some type of bench/platoon/up-and-down role in pro ball, whether as a part-time catcher, first baseman, designated hitter, or corner outfielder (most likely a combination of the four), and he’ll ultimately go as far as his power bat can take him. He’s a bit like Colorado Rockies prospect Daniel Jipping, but without quite as much athleticism to develop a defensive profile, and to that end Weiss will likely become a one-tool wonder who must hit home runs to remain relevant in the pro game. There’s a chance that can happen; his power stroke is impressive. MLB ETA: 2022.

Albee Weiss Scouting Report, Cal State Northridge — Game Video

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