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Jordan Wood Scouting Report

Right-Handed Pitcher
Brigham Young University

Tool (PV/FV)
Notes & Comments
Fastball (45/50)
Strong arm, sneaky velo; 92 comes out of his hand pretty easily; surprising to see his effort level reaching back for top velo band like it’s nothing. Pretty straight fastball with modest tail back to arm-side at times; not much by way of sink, but decent downhill plane thanks to tall frame at 6’3″, 190 lbs. Will need to spot fastball exceptionally well without much life to it; decent feel side to side with extension to glove side corner, but consistency could stand to improve. Velocity: 88-92.

Slider (40/45)
Tight, hard breaking ball distinct from his curveball with some short but consistent 11-to-5 drop-off. Uses it more often than the curveball, particularly early in counts; can use effectively inside against LHH, with enough command and just enough velo to get in there with modest success. Could stand to throw it just a little bit harder, but a workable breaking ball at this level that could develop slightly to work at the next level, too. Velocity: 74-77.

Curveball (40/45)
Trying to miss bats with his curveball; used somewhat more sparingly, it’s not a get-it-over pitch but something he can use to put somebody away when he’s up. Bigger, slower break thank his slider; still 11-to-5, but larger hump with less velocity; velo drop-off will mess with timing for hitters, particularly RHH. Break and spin are more promising here than with the slider, but command isn’t as good, and use is ultimately limited. Velocity: 70-73.

Changeup (30/40)
Looks like a circle changeup with some tumble and a bit of arm-side run. Telegraphs changeup; really slows down body and arm action on changeup, but not so much on other off-speed pitches; easy to pick it up for hitters. Will throw it more to LHH with some feel for leaving it off arm-side corner, but definitely more of a show-me pitch right now than the rest of his repertoire; longer development road ahead to make the changeup workable. Velocity: 78-82.

Command (45/50)
Fills the strike zone, some feel side-to-side for corners, very good control more so than command. Works better on arm-side half than glove-side, but can get out there to glove-side with his fastball, sometimes with off-speed. Even in the middle of the plate, keeps the ball down with good downhill plane. Without exceptional/above-average life on anything in his repertoire, he will need better command to succeed at the pro level; will be hittable as he catches too much of the plate with everything.

High three-quarters release; doesn’t use his lower half as much as you’d expect, particularly for a guy his size; decent-sized arm swing in the back, but stays on line there without closing off too much to hitters and thus hides the ball well from RHH. Ranged from 1.31 – 1.38 to the plate with runners on base; long sets and holds, but will get long through delivery with lots of moving parts. Lacks finish on follow through and will stay tall and fall off to first base side. Mechanics are repeatable and fine for rotation role, but there’s definitely more power within his stature, and he’s sacrificing some velo right now by not fully engaging lower half.

Big kid; slow, unathletic, doesn’t move very well off the mound and has a thick body without projection now; will need to work hard to keep off bad weight as he ages into the game. More or less at final form. Married; already served a two-year LDS mission in London; will enter MLB Draft significantly older than most college prospects and peers.

MLB Draft
Likely MLB Draft follow for 2018 as a draft-eligible junior based on arm strength and size alone; big kid who could throw a tick or two harder by engaging his lower half and power base more frequently. Big arm with stamina and track record as a starter; relatively advanced (even accounting for age) with ability to climb organizational ladder relatively quickly. Probably not a first day arm, but good velo and size make him a legitimate MLB Draft candidate this summer. Relatively close to final form though, and not much projection left in pro ball.

OFP (45 FV)
Likely future as a back-end starter or a relief swingman at ceiling; without bat-missing stuff or above-average velocity and considering general lack of projection, far more likely floor as up-and-down arm that fills in as organizational depth with occasional call-up potential. Intriguing to ponder a move to the bullpen in the future; perhaps he’s got a few more miles an hour in a short-stint, high-leverage role that could push him towards a modest middle relief/low set-up future. MLB ETA: 2021.

Jordan Wood Scouting Report, Brigham Young University — Game Video

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