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Chris Ceballos Scouting Report

Orange Coast College

Tool (PV/FV)
Notes & Comments
Hit (35/40)
Tracks the ball well with decent pitch recognition/strike zone discipline. Swing can get long at points; struggles to uncoil on time and can get tied up with good velocity on the inner half or in off the plate. Average to slightly above-average bat speed; orientation to pull the ball and will hook some pitches off the outer half rather than going the other way. In my look, he was visibly trying to get himself to go to right-center and center more consistently through approach, but old habits die hard and dead-red, pull-hitter tendencies are in his veins, likely to take advantage of raw power.

Power (45/55)
Impressive raw power thanks to thick build and strong core and lower half; can’t actualize power or get off his ‘A’ swing quite as often in game action, but it’s there under the surface. Dead pull hitter with average or slightly above-average bat speed; will cheat for power in the air and can get beat soft away, and sometimes hard in, as it takes him some time to uncoil and unload on good fastballs. All that said, strength and raw power here are intriguing, particularly considering his position, and it’s well worth taking a shot to see if pop can develop consistently against better pitching.

Glove (45/55)
Good frame, big target with low sets, fundamentally very sound; receives and frames very well and gives his staff a chance on borderline pitches. Advanced mechanically and consistent fundamentally with good balance through his sets; quick and consistent in blocking balls in the dirt; good anticipation with runners on base. One of the stronger catching prospects I’ve seen in 2018; I really like his look and size behind the plate. Plenty to work with here and should develop into a very strong pro catcher one day.

Arm (55/65)
Pop times recorded at 1.94, 1.99, and 2.00, along with a 1.51 back pick to first base. Strong arm with great carry on throws; throws stay true and straight to target; accuracy consistent and expected. Quick, short arm action with good fundamentals through lower half in throwing to second base. Strong and powerful, but moves particularly well in getting into throwing position; some quick-twitch muscles at play here. Will fly open on occasion trying to rush throws, particularly on back picks, but enough feel to command the ball to his target. Arm is undoubtedly his carrying tool with plus raw arm strength; think it has a shot to be near double-plus with smoothed-out quickness through his throws.

Speed (20/25)
Timed in the mid-4.5’s from home to first base out of the RHH box; not much speed, but doesn’t need it for his role. Unlikely to pick up speed with age. Legs are strong and thick, will hold up fine behind the plate.

Big, strong, thick kid with powerful lower half and build ideal for catching. No real room left to grow into his body, though; thick and filled out at present. Stocky and will have to do some work to keep off bad weight as he ages, but thick build will hold up physically and thus far no reason to suspect any durability concerns in the future. Ceballos is a Cal State Fullerton kick-back to Orange Coast College; no question he’s a Division I-quality catcher and should get a shot to return to the level next season if the MLB Draft isn’t in the cards. Easy to see him as a pro catcher soon, whether after OCC or his four-year stop.

MLB Draft
Strong start to sophomore year at JuCo powerhouse in southern California; that combined with size leads me to believe he’ll get at least modest MLB Draft interest in 2018. One of multiple strong catchers in Orange County junior college ball right now (others include Dominic Campeau and Brett Auerbach), and advanced already with ideal size and strength for the pro game. May be a stronger MLB Draft target after his four-year stop next season rather than now; I personally like Dominic Campeau a little bit better than Chris Ceballos as a pro catcher, but Ceballos will get his shot and has the foundation to become a solid pro backstop.

OFP (50 FV)
Between raw power and defensive/arm strength skills, Chris Ceballos flashes enough tools to become an everyday catcher at his ceiling. Enough size here to physically handle everyday catching duties in pro ball; if glove continues to develop and power can flash semi-consistently, he’ll turn into a solid everyday catcher. Below that, there’s enough potential for power here to consider him as a bench/up-and-down catcher to fill out organizational depth in the future. MLB ETA: 2022.

Chris Ceballos Scouting Report, Orange Coast College — Game Video

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