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Corbin Williams Scouting Report

College of the Canyons

Tool (PV/FV)
Notes & Comments
Hit (25/45)
Very raw, young, inexperienced hitter. Weak hands and wrists with below-average bat speed. Will generally go to the opposite field in the air, but remains a pull hitter on the ground; fast enough to beat out virtually any ground ball to the left side at this level so he uses that as a consistent part of his game. Average pitch recognition, some modest strike zone discipline issues; swing can get long and mechanics out of whack at times. Long path ahead to develop mature approach with sustainable, consistent gap-to-gap line drive ability, but off-the-charts athleticism with good hand-eye coordination gives him a chance to become a good enough hitter with speed helping tool considerably.

Power (20/30)
Very little power; weak hands and wrists; below average bat speed. Little ability to manipulate the barrel and drive the ball in the air. Plenty of room left to grow into long, lean body, and that may help produce gap-to-gap power, but unlikely to produce much over-the-fence pop even at ceiling. Speed will aid modest doubles/triples power, but lots of work here to show consistent ability to produce line drives rather than weaker contact on the ground.

Glove (50/60)
Tracks the ball very well off the bat; gets good jumps. Runs very well with easy, quick access to top speed in the outfield; covers a ton of ground in center field and moves easily; looks like he’s not having to exert himself much even when running at top speed; glides. Follows the ball particularly well with his eyes even when running back at full speed. Comfortable going back and into the gaps; natural center fielder with more than enough range for the position. Chance to be an exceptional outfield defender at ceiling.

Arm (50/60)
Arm strength has looked better and better every time I see him; strong arm from center field with good velocity and great carry on the ball. Some natural arm-side tail on his ball, so must overcompensate glove-side to counteract inevitable run up the third base line arm side. Already some feel for doing that, though, with good and consistent accuracy to bases. Has shown marked improvements in arm strength even month to month this spring; sneaky strong arm that will help really set him apart as a defensive ace.

Speed (55/65)
Timed at 4.18, 4.20, and 4.21 out of the RHH box; also 3.97, 4.00, and 4.01 bunts. Great speed; moves easily and gets up to top speed very quickly out of the batter’s box. Such a smooth, effortless runner; athleticism is off the charts. Can beat out nearly any ground ball to the left side at this level; obviously won’t be the case against better competition, but that says something about his natural, raw foot speed. Long, lean legs with plenty of projection left to improve first-step quickness on the bases and become a true plus- or near double-plus runner with more experience. Some room left to grow into situational awareness and pick up tendencies; thus far has really relied on raw foot speed alone, but must learn the nuances of the craft now as he faces better competition. At ceiling, his speed is another exceptional tool in play.

Listed at 6’2″, 160 lbs. Very, very thin; long and lean with a ton of room to add weight to his frame in the coming years, though he’ll likely always be skinny. Still looks relatively raw in the game despite being so athletic, so the development path ahead may be a long one, but he’s a true freshman at College of the Canyons and still a teenager with a longer window ahead to really grow into as a pro.

MLB Draft
Strong MLB Draft follow ahead of the 2018 selection in June; toolsy defensive outfielder who would do well to start his development at a complex/rookie affiliate this summer. Bat is still a long ways off, and that needs to develop pretty significantly against better pitching — no matter how fast you are, you can’t steal first base — but defensive tools are already pro-quality with plenty of projection for more. Enticing on that and the raw physical projection alone; chance for an organization to really mold and develop a quality center fielder here; raw, supremely athletic foundation with plenty of upside and a solid everyday ceiling; ought to be worth enough to warrant an MLB Draft selection come June.

OFP (50 FV)
Undoubtedly an everyday center fielder of the future at ceiling; long, long development road ahead to realize that potential, particularly with big questions surrounding his bat, but there’s more than enough here to bet on the upside and bank on the athleticism. In that regard, Corbin Williams reminds me a good bit of Toronto Blue Jays outfield prospect Reggie Pruitt; if (or when) either one figures out a serviceable (even if slightly below average) hit tool, there’s more than enough athleticism and defensive ability to rise through the ranks and become a legitimate big league contributor. Whether in the 2018 MLB Draft or the year or two after, Williams will soon get his shot. MLB ETA: 2023.

Corbin Williams Scouting Report, College of the Canyons — Game Video

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