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Garrett Boyce Scouting Report

Left-Handed Pitcher
West Los Angeles College

Tool (PV/FV)
Notes & Comments
Fastball (25/55)
Very straight fastball; little movement side to side without much life beyond some downhill plane from his high release point. Very straight; only modest arm side run comes when he leaves it up and away and it takes off. Good raw arm strength here with sneaky velo in the upper 80s right now; plenty of room left to grow into his body and easy to envision fastball ticking up into low 90s with regularity in another couple years. Command is imperative without pitch life, though; downhill plane will help some in low 90s. Very raw, very projectable. Velocity: 84-88.

Curveball (25/50)
Has some feel for spin with the curveball; true 12-to-6 downward break, but slow, loopy, and lacking in hard, late bite. Struggles to consistently command the pitch; will throw one good one and then two or three bad. Can’t consistently get curveball to break into bottom half of the zone from overhand release point; struggles to get out in front of the pitch and will leave it up and out of the zone. As with fastball, flashes feel for spin with 12-to-6 break, and gives hope for the future of the pitch, but a long way to go here before it’s serviceable. Worth a flyer with his size, youth, and projectability; will be a project and he needs to throw it harder, but time to turn it into an average pitch. Velocity: 65-70.

Changeup (20/40)
Show-me pitch right now; straight, tunneled with fastball, without much tumble or any arm-side fade down in the zone. Lacks feel for the pitch within the strike zone, particularly as an off-speed look to RHH. Lacks command/control; can’t consistently pinpoint it in the bottom half of the strike zone. Can’t imagine it developing as well as fastball/curveball combo in next few years considering total lack of fell right now; likely to forever lag behind the rest of his repertoire. Velocity: 75-78.

Command (20/40)
Major command issues across his entire repertoire; struggles to consistently find his release point with hand over the top and out in front; leaves too many pitches up out of the strike zone due to his arm lagging well behind his body. Mechanical issues contributing to command problems in a big way. Long, long way to go for command to be serviceable, but there’s projection here: really just needs to control two pitches (fastball, curveball) with modest command to produce value thanks to size and raw arm strength. Fringy rotation command future at his ceiling; will always be a challenge to stick there and may function better in a bullpen role in a few years.

Works from the extreme third base side of the rubber. Very high three-quarters/nearly true overhand release point. Moderate to significant recoil across follow through. Struggles to get ball down consistently with mechanics and arm angle; arm tends to lag behind his body with long arm swing in the back. Can’t consistently get on top and release pitches out front like he should. Tendency to overthrow; max effort guy who is plainly trying to throw hard, but it comes at the expense of the command of his entire repertoire.

Very, very raw; tons of projectability in his frame (6’5″, 205 lbs.) with considerable room left to grow into his body and a fair amount of velocity left to come along with it. Wears his emotion on his sleeve; hot-headed and reactionary on the field, and he will fall victim to his emotions and psych himself out early in games when things don’t go his way. Lots of growth ahead, both physically and mentally. Still, fastball/curveball combo flash the makings of an enticing pair if he’s able to corral them within the strike zone.

MLB Draft
Highly unlikely MLB Draft follow for 2018 out of West Los Angeles College; needs at least one, and likely two more seasons of college ball before he’s pro-ready. Even then he’ll be fairly high-risk and pretty raw. Projectable on every count with real raw arm strength, the rudimentary ability to spin a curve, and the frame/physical projection to drool over, but there’s a lot that needs to happen between now and the next couple MLB Draft classes if we’re to seriously consider Garrett Boyce as a potential pro prospect.

OFP (50 FV)
Long, long road ahead if he’s to ever actualize a 50 FV; that’s absolute ceiling for Boyce, in my mind, both as a starter and a reliever — either a back-end rotation arm with his size and raw arm strength, or more likely a mid-level set-up man working short/situational stints in high leverage relief thanks to less-than-stellar command and some max effort through his delivery. High risk; extremely raw, tons of mental and physical development ahead. Will be a project; lots of moving parts and variables to corral and turn into a pitcher, but foundation here to really be something if he figures it out. Physical projection and hints of fastball/curveball feel are intriguing enough to put Garrett Boyce in the back of your mind for the 2019 or 2020 MLB Draft. MLB ETA: 2024.

Garrett Boyce Scouting Report, West Los Angeles College — Game Video

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