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Park Se-jin Scouting Report (박세진)

Left-Handed Pitcher
KT Wiz (케이티 위즈) — KBO

Tool (PV/FV)
Notes & Comments
Fastball (40/60)
Deceptively strong fastball; explodes out of his hand with some giddyup to the plate even in upper 80s; good raw arm strength and likely works at higher velo band than what I saw here in spring training. Fastball comes out easy and hides well before release; good arm-side life late; boring action to arm-side that will tie up LHH. Lacks downhill plane without much height and with drop-and-drive mechanics, but spots it well in the lower half with feel for elevating to change eye level and draw bad chases. Very young (20 years old), with real shot for significantly harder fastball in time. Velocity: 86-89.

Curveball (40/50)
Natural, true 12-to-6 break with some feel for command of the pitch already; tendency to hang it without full break, but likely just an indication of feeling out release point here early in spring training. Arm speed is comparable to fastball and he can get out in front and snap it off; tight spinner that has some potential. Would love to see it in midseason form; definite depth here to be a strikeout pitch, particularly against LHH. Velocity: 70-74.

Changeup (30/40)
Light arm-side run with a bit of tumble to the plate late; good changeups have subtle, but very late movement. Lacks consistency, though, and less solid changeups show little life and depth. More of a show-me pitch; least developed of his three offerings; ability to control it in the bottom of the zone, but lacking nuance beyond that; more valuable against RHH than LHH with (inconsistent) ability to fade off the plate arm-side. Velocity: 77-79.

Command (35/50)
Control ahead of command right now. Struggles to consistently spot entire repertoire and will leave pitches out over the plate; lacks refinement/nuance within the zone, but can fill it up and challenge hitters. Encouraging ability to throw strikes with full arsenal, but lacks pinpoint; I have a hunch there’s a shot down the road for enough of a command profile to start games, but lots of growing up left to do.

High three-quarters release point with drop and drive lower half to the plate. Moderate to significant recoil after release. Works from the third base side of the rubber; lands slightly closed off to the plate, but generally shows good ability to stay on line to target. Hides the ball well; relatively short arm action in the back and hitters won’t be able to pick him up early. Fairly high-effort exertion level through mechanics; profiles well in relief right now.

Listed at 5’10”, 204-lbs. Undersized with body made more for relief than a rotation role; not a great body type for the mound with no real physical projection here despite young age. Going to have to do a fair amount of work to keep weight off as he ages. Inexperienced in KBO; only pitched 32.1 innings in the last two seasons with the KT Wiz (케이티 위즈); plenty of room and time left to grow into final form; would fit well in High-A right now based on my looks. Well on the curve towards KBO success at 20.

OFP (50 FV)
Enough raw arm strength and young enough on the mound to potentially carve out some type of rotation gig in the future; will work in the minors and in the bullpen in Korea until then, and he’s really just a two-pitch pitcher at this point without consistent use of a changeup, but fastball/curveball combo is a good look with plenty of raw arm strength and some feel for spin. Even so, lack of size may betray/limit him and there’s a chance ultimate role lies in high-leverage/situational set-up work where he can take advantage of two-pitch look to miss bats, particularly LHH. Plenty of development coming in next few years; rotation ceiling but fairly fluid at this point with decent upside and encouraging foundation. MLB ETA: N/A.

Park Se-jin Scouting Report (박세진), KT Wiz (케이티 위즈) — Game Video

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