Nick Zammarelli Scouting Report — 1B, Seattle Mariners

al west seattle mariners baseball 1 nick zammarelli scouting report
Prospect: Nick Zammarelli
Position: First Baseman
Organization: Seattle Mariners
Height/Weight: 6’1”, 195 lbs.
Bats/Throws: L/R
Age/DOB: 23 (July 30, 1994)
Acquired/Hometown: 8th Round, (2016); Providence, RI (Elon)

May 2, 2018 — Modesto Nuts (High-A, California League)
Changeup from RHH giving him quite a bit of trouble in my early May look; pitch recognition issues there seeing it out of the hand and some over-aggressiveness in wanting to hack; Timing problems because of it, tendency to roll over quite a bit on good off-speed … Timed 4.24 up the line from the LHH box … Team official relaying to me some of their sense that Nick Zammarelli is particularly susceptible to the high fastball; eyes get big, but not quick enough hands to get there; he’s apparently been chasing quite a bit of hard stuff up out of the zone recently … Still enjoying a good year, but definitely some holes in his swing and approach that need to be acknowledged. Will also be important to see how Zammarelli fares now that the Seattle Mariners have sent Evan White to Modesto; both are natural first baseman and it’ll be interesting to see how they split the work there and as designated hitters — with Zammarelli likely seeing a bit of the outfield, too — as the summer wears on.

April 5-6, 2018 — Modesto Nuts (High-A, California League)
Surprisingly quick; good foot speed up the line, far better than expected considering his size and profile, and it hints at a better underlying athlete than what he’ll probably be given credit for by most. Good athlete at first base; consistent there with decent range and makes plays … Timed 4.20 and 4.21 up the line from the LHH box; 3.79 on a bunt from the LHH box; 4.49 on the turn at first base … Takes some huge, long hacks; doesn’t get cheated out of a swing. Really looking to do damage to the ball when he comes to the plate; swing can get long to that end and I wonder how he’ll fare against more consistent upper 90s velocity with it, but the bat speed is good and he’s uncorking a ton of power in that swing … Standing to the front end of the batter’s box in my looks; wonder if he’s trying to get out in front and catch breaking balls before the drop off the table. He’s definitely challenging pitchers to beat him high and hard by doing that, though; hot personal/statistical start to the year in Lancaster; will be interesting to see throughout the season how he adjusts to pitchers … Need to see Nick Zammarelli more and figure out what the Seattle Mariners have here; without question, he’ll have some fun hitting in the Cal League this summer.

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