Frankie Scalzo Scouting Report & Game Video

Position: Right-Handed Pitcher
Height/Weight: 6’3″, 185 lbs.
Bats/Throws: R/R
Birthdate: N/A
Hometown: Vista, Calif.
School: Vista HS / San Jose State
FV (20-80): N/A

Dates Observed: June 5, 2018

Team/Organization: San Luis Obispo Blues (California Collegiate League))
League/Level: College summer league baseball
Scouting Notes: Converted shortstop; primarily a middle infielder in high school, Frankie Scalzo became a full-time pitcher at San Jose State, and he’s still learning the nuances of the craft while showing good arm strength and an interesting repertoire … Lean frame with room to add strength; athletic with explosiveness to the plate; quick arm action with short arm swing through three-quarters release; can short-arm it some still like he’s working in the infield, but extension generally OK out front; above-average arm strength for his age/relative inexperience … Four-seam fastball sat 89-93 in my look, paired with an 86-90 two-seamer; also showed off an 83-86 cutter, a 78-82 slider, and a 77-80 changeup. Timed 1.25 – 1.31 to the plate with a runner on first … Wants to throw his fastball a lot; will challenge hitters. Distinct looks to four-seam (straight) and two-seam (arm-side run with more subtle fade down to RHH back foot, aided some by good height/downward plane). More of a thrower than a pitcher right now, but very good arm strength; should add more velo in time … Cutter and slider both effective against RHH, with cutter hard enough to get some use in on LHH hands, too; both with depth (slider more), and shows enough feel to throw them consistently/in many situations. Cutter is harder with sharper, late, small break while slider can get bigger; more of a hump on slider, but also showed tendency to slow down and get slurve-like at times; in this look, I preferred the firm cutter, especially when he gets on top and throws it in the bottom third of the zone … Changeup already flashes above-average, shot to be a plus pitch in time; great arm action to sell it with feel for the strike zone. Tumbles down and to arm-side with late movement out of the strike zone and off barrels; effective pitch gives him a good look against LHH; consistency in execution must improve, but feel and foundation is there … Works extremely quickly between pitches; pushes tempo on hitters and, at least in my look here, really attacked early and often. Hit the strike zone and never let up; command profile could stand to improve some side to side to hit corners more often (especially with fastball), but already shows commendable ability to work quickly and fill up the zone trying to get ahead. Lost command in the fourth inning in particular; likely stamina issue considering lack of experience pitching and very light workload this past spring at San Jose State University; plenty of room to build stamina and work a lineup multiple times … Mechanical issues betray Frankie Scalzo as a former infielder; quick arm swing through the back with good arm speed, but even so, body will leak out ahead of arm and will alter his release point, leaving pitches high and to arm-side. Tendency to come across more as a thrower than a pitcher at times. Reps will give him better mechanical consistency, particularly from the stretch, where he showed real tendency to leak out in front and leave his arm dragging behind; quick enough as it is to the plate, doesn’t need to rush to be faster … All that said, I was overall impressed with Frankie Scalzo and I’m interested in what he could turn into at San Jose State over the next few years. Wonder if his firm-firm repertoire and good arm strength will eventually have him consolidating the slider/cutter into one pitch and picking up a splitter, which may suit his power profile particularly well. Big-time projection play here with plenty of physical upside through lean frame; solid foundation upon which to build even now without considerable high-level pitching experience. Obviously, he must eventually produce against Division I competition as he develops, but even now, Frankie Scalzo is one to keep in the back of your mind for the 2020 (junior) and/or 2021 (senior) MLB Draft classes.

Game Video:

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