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About Baseball Census…

Baseball Census is an independent, subscription-based website that exclusively scouts junior college baseball prospects. Our work is meant to be a supplement for four-year (NCAA and NAIA) college baseball coaches who are seeking objective, reliable third-party scouting reports, data, and high-definition video that will provide information to aid their recruiting efforts with junior college baseball prospects. We are not affiliated with any junior college or community college, nor with any JuCo baseball players or potential recruits; we are a fully independent, objective, third-party scouting service meant to be used as a resource by college baseball coaches and recruiting coordinators at four-year schools.

We’re proud of our independent perspective scouting players as outsiders. Players can’t create, edit, or alter their profiles or scouting reports on this site, nor do we take money from prospects or teams to make recruiting videos or promote them in any other way. Instead, we are a fully independent, third-party scouting service that objectively and uniformly evaluates and reports on prospects. Our goal is to consistently provide reliable information to four-year college coaches and recruiting coordinators to aid their recruiting work, and our database is meant to be used as a high-level supplement for coaches at four-year programs who are seeking well-written, consistent, unbiased information and analysis.

Before we transitioned full-time into junior college scouting, Baseball Census was first founded by Bobby DeMuro in 2016 as a resource scouting minor league baseball prospects. A former NCAA Division I college pitcher and later an independent league professional pitcher, Bobby has worked in scouting and sportswriting for the last five years, first specializing in minor league baseball coverage while producing extensive prospect video content. Now, in addition to running Baseball Census full-time, Bobby is currently finishing a book about the 2016 Bakersfield Blaze — a behind-the-scenes look at the final year of professional, affiliated minor league baseball in Bakersfield, California.

For those interested, you can follow Bobby on Twitter, or contact him via email. If you like what Baseball Census is about and want to see more, we encourage you to subscribe now to receive full access to our prospect content; current subscribers can click here to log in.

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