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Launched in March 2017, BaseballCensus.com is about one thing: baseball prospects.

Our entire focus in on-location, cross-country coverage of baseball prospects, complete with scouting reports, a very deep video library, high-level player evaluation and comprehensive notes, and in-depth feature interviews and long-form pieces on up-and-coming baseball stars. Our primary focus is on covering minor league prospects from all 30 Major League organizations, though we’ve increasingly added high-level, on-location coverage of college and junior college baseball to our work recently, as well. Unlike too many of the blogs and sites out there covering minor leaguers, we refuse to scout stat lines; we’ll only cover and write about players we actually see in person, and it’s our long-term goal to have the deepest, most extensive publicly available database of high-level scouting reports and prospect videos spanning all 30 big league organizations and hundreds of college programs.

A census is “an official count or survey of a population, recording various details of individuals,” and for us, it’s that last portion — recording various details of individuals — that matters. We tell the stories of baseball’s best prospects through intensive in-person scouting, objective data measurements, and conversations with those involved in the game themselves. Baseball Census dives deeper than most publicly available outlets into the minor league and college baseball worlds to give you high-level information about impact players and potential future notable stars. And we do it all with an extensive video library ready at hand, filled with thousands of pro and amateur baseball prospects and growing every single day.

Instead of simply aggregating the content of others or tweeting bland statistical profiles that have little value, Baseball Census provides full time, credentialed interview access across minor league and college baseball. All of our profiles and scouting reports are based on our observations — not aggregated from the work of others — and we put in the time to produce high-level content on thousands of players each year, typically seeing well over 200 games in a season. Every day on Baseball Census, you’ll get high-quality video content, informative player notes and analysis, and professional-quality scouting reports.

We’re proud of the unique thing we are creating at Baseball Census, and we’re glad you’re here to be a part of it as a reader. Thanks for your continued support — every time you visit the website or watch one of our videos, we make money from advertising revenues, and that in turn makes this site sustainable enough for us to continue traveling to hundreds of professional and amateur baseball games every year for more, better, and deeper content on the game and its future stars.

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Finally, if you have any comments, questions, or concerns about our work, you can send us an email, and we’ll do our best to get back to you as quickly as possible.

We look forward to hearing from you!

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