baseball census about us junior college baseball prospects scouting reports

About Baseball Census

Baseball Census is an independent subscription-based website that scouts junior college baseball prospects. Our work is meant to be a supplement for four-year college baseball coaches and others seeking objective, reliable third-party scouting reports, data, and high-definition video to assist their recruiting efforts of junior college baseball prospects. We are not a recruiting service; players can’t create, edit, or otherwise alter scouting reports on this site, nor do we take money from prospects or teams to make recruiting videos or promote them in any way. We are a fully independent, third-party scouting service that evaluates junior college baseball prospects.

baseball census about us junior college baseball prospects scouting reports

Baseball Census was founded by Bobby DeMuro ahead of the 2017 season. A former NCAA Division I college pitcher and later an independent league professional pitcher, Bobby has worked in scouting and sportswriting for the last six seasons, first specializing in minor league baseball coverage while producing extensive prospect video content.

Now, in addition to running Baseball Census full-time, Bobby is finishing a book about the 2016 Bakersfield Blaze — a behind-the-scenes look at the final year of professional, affiliated minor league baseball in Bakersfield, California. In his spare time, he’s teaching himself computer programming languages with the end-goal of adding a statistical analysis component to this site soon.

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