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There are any number of ways to contact Baseball Census, the easiest of which can be done when you click here and send us an email. Please put a couple words describing your topic/issue/question in the subject line of the email, and a larger description and a way to contact you in the body. We’ll do our best to get back to you as quickly as possible once received, most likely within 24 hours unless we’re out on the road for an extended period during one of the busier spring/summer months.

We have no need for a publicly-listed physical address, though we are based in Los Angeles, California, and routinely travel across the country for both professional and college games. If you need Baseball Census to provide a physical address for some reason, reach out to us via email and we can take care of it there.

If you would prefer, it may also be more efficient to contact us via social media, as well. You’re welcome to follow us on Twitter, or like us on Facebook, or connect with us on Google+, and/or subscribe to our YouTube channel. We monitor all of those social media channels regularly and we can communicate through them if you want to follow us and reach out for contact there.

For those seeking to contact us about content reproduction, licensing, syndication, etc., please note that all Baseball Census content is our own original work, and it is copyright protected. The content that you see on this website may not be copied, re-used, re-uploaded, or re-printed without express written permission from Bobby DeMuro, the founder of Baseball Census.

For more specific questions about syndication or paying to license our content and/or videos, please send us an email or click here.

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