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JuCo Database — Class of 2019 Right-Handed Pitchers

Below is our list of right-handed pitchers from the junior college class year 2019. Click each column header to sort. Pitch type velocities are recorded using a Stalker Pro II radar gun. Click a player’s name to visit his page, where you’ll find full scouting notes, data, HD game video, and notes on the player’s upside beyond junior college baseball. Click here to purchase access to these reports; current subscribers can click here to log in.

Burkhart, JonathanHeartland Community CollegeILHi 3/45'11"17085-8875-7678-8142018-10-2
DelGatto, JoeyPasco-Hernando State CollegeFLMid 3/46'0"19090-9280-8378-8252018-11-18
Dentoni, NickSan Joaquin Delta CollegeCAMid 3/46'3"20585-8978-8172-7632018-11-11
Edwards, AustinEllsworth Community CollegeIAMid 3/46'3"21583-8974-7668-7342018-10-7
Gonzales, BenjiLong Beach City CollegeCASide5'8"17079-8369-7371-7322018-9-27
Hickert, JacksonVentura CollegeCAMid 3/46'3"22586-8879-8074-7652018-11-24
Hurtado, AndresLong Beach City CollegeCAHi 3/46'0"18581-8572-7571-7422018-9-27
Jacobson, MichaelSanta Barbara City CollegeCALo 3/46'2"19083-8732018-10-13
Kinsky, JoeSanta Barbara City CollegeCAMid 3/46'0"18085-8842018-10-14
Koehler, ChrisState Fair Community CollegeMOHi 3/46'0"17082-8674-7573-7632018-10-8
Kyle, KevinSan Joaquin Delta CollegeCAMid 3/46'2"19584-8879-8175-7742018-11-11
Lambert, JoshMt. San Antonio CollegeCAHi 3/46'3"22085-8978-8074-7732018-11-16
Martinez, JoseLos Angeles Valley CollegeCAMid 3/45'7"15577-8164-69 (KNU)22018-10-4
Morris, JoeySan Joaquin Delta CollegeCAMid 3/45'11"17584-8779-8174-7732018-11-11
Myhre, NoahLos Angeles Valley CollegeCAMid 3/46'2"22085-8677-7868-7032018-10-3
Needham, DylanMt. San Antonio CollegeCAHi 3/46'2"20088-9280-8173-7652018-11-15
Nelson, BrandonCollege of the CanyonsCAMid 3/46'8"25580-8368-7122018-10-4
Nicholls, DanielPasco-Hernando State CollegeFLLo 3/46'4"21081-8774-7671-7532018-11-18
Ordorica, StevenMt. San Antonio CollegeCASub5'11"16077-8172-7370-7222018-11-15
Pierce, JonathanSan Joaquin Delta CollegeCAHi 3/46'4"18090-9479-8176-8052018-11-11
Porter, DylanSanta Barbara City CollegeCAMid 3/46'0"17583-8832018-10-14
Prince, SamPasco-Hernando State CollegeFLLo 3/46'0"19580-8572-7566-7032018-11-19
Proffitt, NoahVentura CollegeCAMid 3/46'0"18088-9181-8379-8142018-11-23
Rennie, GarrettLong Beach City CollegeCAMid 3/46'2"18587-9273-7574-7842018-9-27
Schmedding, JackState Fair Community CollegeMOMid 3/46'5"26075-7970-7160-6122018-10-7
Stearns, MattLong Beach City CollegeCAMid 3/46'2"21584-9073-7475-7642018-10-9
Swanson, RyanNorth Iowa Area CCIAMid 3/46'5"21085-8977-7976-7942018-10-5
Valadez, AntonioEllsworth Community CollegeIAMid 3/46'2"21083-8876-7866-6932018-10-7
Valenzuela, PabloMt. San Antonio CollegeCASide5'11"18580-8371-7372-7522018-11-15
Zapka, AndrewHeartland Community CollegeILMid 3/46'0"21590-9279-8177-7852018-10-8

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