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Site & Subscription Questions

What comes with purchasing a subscription?

When you subscribe, you gain full access to exclusive scouting reports, prospect game videos, player projection notes, and proprietary OFP grade explanations for every player listed in our JuCo database pages (2019, 2020, 2021, etc.). Those reports are only available to subscribers, and cannot be seen or accessed by the general public.

How do I pay for a subscription?

We accept all major credit cards and debit cards via our secure online payment system run by Stripe. You do not need an account with Stripe to purchase a subscription; simply enter your credit card information directly on our secure subscription page, create your account, and receive access to our content immediately!

Do you offer any coupon codes for subscriptions?

Occasionally, we do offer coupon codes. If we are currently offering any discounts, they’ll be listed on our website. We also recommend you follow us on Twitter, and like us on Facebook. When we offer discounts, we’ll publicize it on those channels.

How can I cancel my subscription?

You can cancel your subscription any time prior to a renewal date. You may cancel by going to the ‘My Account’ page and following the cancellation process. If that does not work, please email with your account information to cancel prior to your renewal date so you won’t be charged again, and we’ll take care of it for you.

How can I receive a refund on my subscription?

We are not able to offer refunds on subscription purchases. Once your subscription has been paid for, or automatically renewed, there are NO REFUNDS. To that same end, you are responsible for monitoring recurring payments in your account.

Does the site have any free content?

Not really. Every so often we’ll share a free scouting report that is open to the public for a brief amount of time, but generally speaking, in order to get the most out of this site, we recommend you purchase a subscription.

Can I reprint or share your content with other coaches?

All the content on this site is copyrighted by Baseball Census, and all rights are reserved. No portion of this content may be disseminated, reprinted or reproduced for any reason without our written consent. As a subscriber, you are paying for access for yourself and your program alone (i.e., one subscription per college program), and under no circumstances short of our written approval may you reprint or prepackage the content for anyone other than you and the coaches on your staff.

Help! I’m having technical issues with your website!

For any kind of technical issue with this site (pages down, site down, subscription/coupon code not working, subscription not recognized, account lost, links broken, etc., etc.) please click here to contact us directly and we’ll look into it as soon as possible.

Scouting Questions

What are your qualifications to scout?

Bobby DeMuro is a former Division I and professional baseball player who worked in baseball media for three years after his playing career ended, only to creep slowly back towards player evaluation more and more over the last several seasons since then. He has turned down entry-level scouting jobs with professional organizations to keep building this site, because he loves the opportunities afforded to baseball players at the junior college level, and he strongly believes in the niche this site fills as a scouting resource for college coaches and MLB scouts.

What is OFP?

Overall Future Potential, or ‘OFP’ for short, is a distilled-down single-digit grade created from multiple scouting variables (both quantitative and qualitative) that best attempts to put a player’s tools and projection into a broad, simple context. We intend it to be used in a similar way to how the 20-80 scale works in professional baseball, but scaled specifically for JuCo prospects. To read more about OFP, please click here.

Can JuCo players create profiles on this site?

No. Junior college baseball players, parents, and coaches have no impact on what is published here. They cannot create or pay to create profiles, videos, or any other material on Baseball Census. We are an independent scouting resource intended for coaches and scouts—not a recruiting service intended for players—that independently and objectively evaluates JuCo baseball players using only our own observation and data accumulation to produce scouting reports based only on our own opinions and analysis. Nothing you read or see on this site has been created, edited, or otherwise influenced by a JuCo player, parent, or coach.

Who uses your scouting reports?

We do not disclose our client list. Broadly speaking, though, our client list includes NCAA Division I, II, III, and NAIA programs, as well as area MLB scouts and front office members from several professional baseball organizations. In our first full year of work, we secured more than 50 clients, and we’ve been growing ever since!

Do you actually provide scouting insights for your clients?

Yes — clients rave about our reliability, and many have told us how much time and money they’ve saved in their recruiting and scouting efforts by using our service. You can view our testimonials page if you’d like to see a small sample of clients who have had success consulting with us on JuCo baseball prospects.

Do you scout junior college baseball all year long?

Yes. Our spring and fall seasons are fully booked with games, tournaments, scrimmages, practices, etc. We’ll criss-cross summer wood bat leagues covering junior college prospects, too, though JuCo guys are generally more dispersed through the summer, and so our scouting production slows down just a little bit in June, July, and August. That said, we see enough players throughout the year that we’re adding and updating scouting reports and posting videos to the site every single week of the year.

What’s your scouting territory?

Our scouting territory is limited to southern California, from San Luis Obispo across to Bakersfield, Ridgecrest, Barstow, and on south to San Diego. As we grow and potentially hire new scouts in new territories, this may change, but for now our focus will remain exclusively on spring, summer, and fall JuCo baseball across southern California.

What equipment do you use to scout?

Our scouting equipment includes the Stalker Pro II and Stalker Pro IIs radar guns, multiple Sony 4K video cameras, a portable Rapsodo device (where set up is available), a Ball Coach PocketRadar device, a stopwatch, and a notebook and pitch chart. We’ve considered adding more tech equipment to track exit velocity, launch angle, spin rates, and other measurables, and we’ll update this list and inform our clients if we add that technology in the future.

Don’t see your question answered here? Please contact us with your question directly, and we’ll get in touch as soon as possible.