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Frequently Asked Questions…

How do I get the most out of your website?
Buying a subscription provides you the best access to our scouting services; while the content on our blog is free and helpful, our high-level scouting reports and prospect videos are all behind a paywall on our JuCo Database pages, and they can only be accessed once you purchase a subscription. If you’re a four-year college baseball coach or recruiting coordinator looking for high-level scouting information on potential junior college baseball recruits, we strongly suggest you subscribe. Then, check back on our JuCo Database pages every day; though we may not update our blog more than a couple times a week, we are adding new scouting reports and prospect videos to the database pages literally every single day of the year. There, you’ll find a complete library of junior college baseball prospects that is searchable by player name, position, grad year, pitch velocity, run time, physical size, JuCo program, and more.

What exactly do I get when I purchase a subscription?
Different subscription tiers provide different perks and access, but broadly speaking, with every subscription, you gain immediate access to our exclusive scouting reports and prospect game videos posted behind the paywall on our JuCo Database pages. Those reports are only available to subscribers and cannot be seen or accessed by the general public. We currently offer several tiers that you can choose from when you subscribe, including a short-term trial subscription for those new to Baseball Census. While our one-year unlimited subscription plan is the best way to get the most out of our work, we encourage newcomers to first purchase our low-risk trial plan to make sure there’s a fit here. For more information on specific subscription tiers and costs, please click here.

What is included in each player scouting report behind the paywall?
Every single player scouting report includes the following: game dates and opponents so you know exactly when, where, and how many times we’ve seen the player; our complete scouting notes on the player based on our first hand observations at each one of those days/games; measurable game data (pitch type and velocities, run times, catcher pop times, etc.) where applicable; edited high-definition video of the prospect from every game we observe; physical tool and projection notes with opinions on the player’s likely future value based on the summation of our observations.

How do I pay for a subscription?
We accept payment from all major credit cards and debit cards via our secure online merchant system run by Stripe. You do not need an account with Stripe to purchase a subscription; simply enter your credit card information directly on our secure subscription page, and you’ll receive access to your subscription immediately. We don’t currently accept payment by check, PayPal, or other merchant services, though we’ll likely add more options in the near future. Please note: When you purchase a subscription through our payment portal, you are certifying that you are at least 18 years old, and you are authorized to place charges on the credit card used to pay for that subscription. Furthermore, doing so authorizes Baseball Census to charge your credit card for the payment of that subscription.

Do you offer any coupon codes for subscriptions?
From time to time, we do offer coupon codes for those looking to purchase a subscription at a discount. To find out what coupon codes may be available right now, we recommend that you follow our account on Twitter, like our page on Facebook, and take a look at our blog; whenever we create active coupon codes, we will publicize them through those channels.

How can I renew my subscription?
We do NOT offer auto-recurring subscriptions or renewal options for our one-day trial plan. If you’d like to purchase another one-day plan again after your first trial run, you must re-order in the same way you purchased it the first time on our subscription page. As for our unlimited plan, this subscription is an auto-recurring charge once every year; in purchasing the unlimited plan, you hereby authorize Baseball Census to charge your card for renewal of the subscription on its renewal date(s). You can turn off the auto-renewal option for your subscription by logging into your account and going to your ‘My Account’ page.

How can I cancel my subscription?
You have the right to cancel your subscription at anytime prior to a renewal date. You may cancel by going to the ‘My Account’ page and following the cancellation process there. If that does not work for any reason, please email to cancel prior to your renewal date, and we’ll cancel it for you and confirm that it’s been done. When canceled, you’ll still have access at your subscription level until your expiration date (date of what would have been your next renewal).

How can I receive a refund on my subscription?
Please note that we do NOT offer refunds on subscription purchases. Once your subscription has been paid for or renewed, there are NO REFUNDS for the current paid subscription cycle. It’s for that reason that we recommend you start with our low-risk trial subscription if you’re uncertain about fully committing to our yearly unlimited plan, and you pay close attention to your subscription’s recurring/renewal status (in your ‘My Account’ portal) if/when you purchase our yearly unlimited plan.

Does the site have any free content?
We do have free scouting content posted to our blog, but it’s on a limited basis and not nearly published with the detail or volume that you’ll find in the player scouting reports on our JuCo database pages. Consider the blog content an introduction to this site’s focus, or perhaps a small supplement to our work, but the vast, vast majority of our high-level content is posted behind the paywall and requires a subscription to view.

Can I reprint or share your content with other college coaches?
All the content you see on this site is copyrighted (© 2016-2019) by Baseball Census, and all rights are reserved. No portion of this content may be disseminated, reprinted or reproduced for any reason without the written consent of Baseball Census. As a subscriber, you are paying for access to the content for yourself and your own program alone, and, under no circumstances short of Baseball Census’ own written approval, may any subscriber reprint or prepackage the content for the view of anyone other than the subscription holder. Any breach of the conditions of this agreement — specifically related to republishing or reproducing our exclusive content for a broader audience without our express written approval, though not limited therein — will result in immediate cancellation of your subscription, and any/all paid fees will be forfeited.

Can you come cover our junior college team/program?
If you’re a junior college baseball coach, you can contact us directly about potentially coming to cover your program and players, either in-season or during fall ball. We are based in southern California and we’ll scout nearly every CCCAA junior college program each year; we also scout programs in Arizona, Florida, and the Midwest on a more limited basis throughout the year. That said, we’re always open to new regions and areas, and if you feel like we’d do well to come scout your program, we’d love to hear from you. Please note: our scouting content is independent and unbiased, and therefore junior college coaches, players, boosters, and parents will have no editorial direction or influence over the evaluations we post.

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