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Junior College Baseball Scouting Report Database

At the button below, our subscribers have exclusive access to scouting reports and game videos on hundreds of junior college baseball prospects that isn’t available for free, or anywhere else. If you haven’t yet, now would be the right time to subscribe to our site for full access; subscribing unlocks every single junior college scouting report and prospect game video available on the site. And before you enter the database, we suggest you read our Overall Future Potential (OFP) page to see how (and why) we grade junior college baseball prospects the way we do.

Please note: The vast majority of players in the database include an OFP score (1.0, 2.0, etc.) along with their information in the sortable table at the button below; if you see a prospect listed that does NOT have an OFP score, that means we have exclusive game videos of the prospect(s) in action, but not enough first-hand information to write up a full, reliable scouting report. In those cases, even without scouting notes or a full report write-up, rather than hold back the video we still make it available exclusively to our subscribers, so you can use it for your recruiting and scouting needs.

Click the database button here to enter our sortable player database and view the prospects and teams we’ve scouted this season. Remember, for access to specific reports and team pages, you’ll need to subscribe to our site.

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Archived JuCo Scouting Reports

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