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For just $10 per month, subscribers receive a full year of access to every single junior college baseball scouting report on this site through the Prospect Database. All reports include game video, in-game data, scouting notes, projections, and a proprietary OFP grade for every single prospect.

I add new and updated scouting reports and game videos almost every single day, all year ’round, with spring and fall seasons the busiest times by far. Subscribers also receive access to the News Feed and Tip Sheet sections of this website, which are updated daily, as well.

In an average year, I publish nearly 500 in-depth scouting reports on JuCo baseball prospects in southern and central California, along with more than 1,000 game videos covering those same prospects throughout spring, summer, and fall seasons. Suffice to say there’s something new and valuable here for subscribers to check up on pretty much every single day of the year.

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