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Baseball Census — A JuCo Baseball Scouting Service

Baseball Census is an independent, objective scouting service covering junior college baseball. We produce in-depth scouting reports on JuCo baseball prospects in southern California to aid the scouting and recruiting efforts of our clients: four-year college coaches and recruiting coordinators from NCAA and NAIA programs across the country, as well as MLB area scouts and pro player development personnel working in southern California.

Founded in 2016 by Bobby DeMuro, our goal is to provide objective, accurate information on JuCo baseball prospects to help college baseball recruiting coordinators from four-year programs across the country, as well as aid area scouts around SoCal as they prepare for each June’s MLB Draft. We only cover JuCo prospects playing in southern California, so we’re able to see every prospect multiple times across their two-year career, allowing for very in-depth and highly accurate player evaluation.

For $8 per month, subscribers receive a full year of access to every single junior college baseball scouting report and prospect video on the site. Subscribe in just minutes on this page with your credit card via our safe, secure payment platform powered by Stripe. Once you do, you’ll receive immediate access to our entire JuCo baseball prospect database, and every single scouting report and prospect game video therein, for a full calendar year.

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