Baseball Census: A Junior College Baseball Scouting Resource

Baseball Census junior college baseball scouting reports

Baseball Census is a scouting resource that provides independent, objective, high-level player evaluation of California junior college baseball prospects to subscribers across the country. I’m Bobby DeMuro, and I started this site ahead of the 2018 season. All year long, I produce in-depth scouting reports and high-definition game videos of junior college baseball players throughout southern and central California with the purpose of aiding and assisting the JuCo scouting and recruiting efforts of four-year coaches from across the country, and area scouts from around the region. It’s my goal to help college recruiters and pro scouts more efficiently track, rank, evaluate, and pursue the best prospects in one of the most talent-rich junior college areas of the country.

Current subscribers include four-year college coaches and recruiting coordinators from NCAA and NAIA baseball programs, area scouts and player development officials from several Major League organizations, and general managers and coaches for college summer baseball teams across the country. For just $120.00 (only $10 per month!), subscribers receive a full year of complete access to the news feed, tip sheet, prospect database, and more. Within those pages, subscribers can read, watch, sort, and track every single scouting report and player video I’ve ever published on this site.

Every year, subscribers use my work to help efficiently determine which junior college prospects are worthy of being pursued further for four-year college baseball or the MLB Draft, and which of those potential recruits best fit their respective programs. I’m proud to play a very specific role in assisting coaches and scouts better identify junior college talent, and more efficiently identify and recruit players who can become real difference-makers past the community college level.

If you’re new to Baseball Census and want more information about what goes on in this corner of the baseball scouting world, I strongly suggest you go through the following five pages to learn more about how our work can help your college program or pro organization: introductions, directions, OFP grades, frequently asked questions, and testimonials. Pretty much any question you might have about the site, my scouting territory, your subscription purchase, or anything else should be answered on those pages. For assistance beyond that, you can always email me: baseballcensus [at] gmail [dot] com. I look forward to having you as a subscriber!